Quarterly PowerTracker™ Report
Looks at NA Gen-Set Market

PowerTracker™ North America is a proprietary quarterly report provided to subscribers that outlines the short term view of the engine-powered generator set (gen-set) market in the United States and Canada.

The reports presented here are high level summaries of the detailed reports that are available for purchase. For details visit the PowerTracker Products Page.

Seasonal Trends Drive Strong Q2 2019

SUMMARY: Gen-set sales in Q2 2019 rose 4.3% from Q1 2019, due to increases in commercial demand and demand for standbys that are typical for Q2 as construction season and hurricane season begin. Broken out by kW range, sales increases were on the lower end of normal in the 51-100kW and 101-300kW ranges, but overall sales were still driven by typical growth in the 101kW-1MW ranges, typical of the construction season.

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NA Gen-Set Sales Strong in Q3 2018

SUMMARY: Gen-set sales in North America climbed 6% in Q3 2018 over Q2 2018, with the focus switching from larger industrial standby’s and construction site power generation earlier in the year to residential standby sales as part of winter-preparedness.

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Q2 2018 Shows Further Evidence of Paradigm Shifts Following 2017 Hurricanes

SUMMARY: Gen-set sales climbed 5% over Q1 2018 levels in anticipation of the camping season and end of fiscal year for many government and industrial consumers. While fewer dealers commented on specific-storm related residential demand this quarter, the 5% growth this quarter does seem to indicate that last year’s hurricanes may have raised the gen-set market up to a new normal, especially when compared to the 1.8% growth reported in Q2 of 2017.

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Hurricane Effects Lift Q3 2017 Gen-Set Sales

SUMMARY: Gen-set sales experienced a sharp increase in Q3 2017 with overall sales up 21.8% over Q2 2017 levels due to demand from hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  This increase follows Q2 2017 where dealer reported sales were up 1.8% relative to Q1 2017 levels.

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Gen-Set Sales Gain Momentum in Q2 2017

SUMMARY: Considering sales across all power ranges, gen-set sales gathered some momentum in Q2 2017, up 1.8% compared to Q1 2017 levels.  This increase follows Q1 2017 where overall dealer reported sales were down 5.5% relative to Q4 2016 levels.

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Gen-Set Sales Start Slow in Q1 2017

SUMMARY: Considering sales across all power ranges, gen-set sales were off to a slower start in Q1 2017, down 5.5% compared to Q4 2016 levels.  This decrease follows Q4 2016 where overall dealer reported sales were flat relative to Q3 2016 levels.

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