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Increased Uncertainty Causes Export-Investment Slump To Continue

In the August edition of the Economic Trend Report (Green Book), the Korean Ministry of Planning and Finance defined the recent Korean economy this way: “production has increased moderately but exports and investments continue to be sluggish”.

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Thailand May Become New Car Sales Leader in 2019

New car sales from January to June in six major countries in Southeast Asia were 1.7 million, unchanged from the same period of the previous year.

Thailand and Indonesia are the two major markets. Thailand, where consumption is strong, increased by 7% year-on-year, while Indonesia, which faces a decline in resource prices, decreased by 13%. Thailand could be ranked first this year for the first time in six years.

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Mitsubishi Manufactures Wind Turbines

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has begun manufacturing the basic structure of wind turbines at the Nagasaki Shipyard, where excess capacity exists. This is because MHI’s specialty LNG carriers are monopolized by Korean manufacturers and MHI is not receiving orders. Now, they take on non-shipbuilding jobs and help maintain the employment of the shipyard. Their Nagasaki Shipyard started manufacturing the basic structure that supports large wind turbines. Since the shipyard has a space for handling large parts of the ship, it can also be used to manufacture wind turbines.

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Recession May Come Before CASE Is Realized


President and Founder, Japan Electrification Research Institute, Ltd.

SUMMARY. The global auto industry is bubbling with changes and dramatic new ideas, but the current declining financial performances of Japanese auto OEMs may force them to drop out of the race temporarily before they can take advantage of the growing demand for autonomous vehicles.

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