Global Commercial Vehicle Production Database

CV Link™, the proprietary database built and maintained by Power Systems Reasearch, provides OEM and vehicle details, plus production, forecast and specification data for on-highway commercial vehicles.

CV Link™ Is a Powerful Tool

CV Link™ is a powerful resource that can make your planning more effective. It provides in-depth data to identify:

  • Prospective partners
  • Product line extensions
  • Target markets
  • Growth opportunities by region and country

The granular detail in CV Link™ enables you to effectively evaluate market opportunities. Using CV Link™, you can optimize your decision-making for a competitive advantage.

CV Link™ enables you to drill down to identify:

  • Global production and forecast data
  • Regional production and forecast volume summaries
  • Vehicles by weight class
  • OEM names and brands
  • OEM production locations
  • Engine model detail
  • Transmission model detail

Now it’s easy to find the data at the level of detail you require.

Industry Share by Application
  • Bus Chassis
  • Motor Home Chassis
  • Trucks Class 4
  • Trucks Class 5
  • Trucks Class 6
  • Trucks Class 7
  • Trucks Class 8
Industry Share by OEM Brand
  • Frieghtliner
  • International
  • Peterbilt
  • Kenworth
  • Others

Industry Share by OEM Model

  • M2
  • DuraStar
  • 337
  • WorkStar
  • MT-55 7
  • Others

Simple as 1, 2, 3

The CV Link database system and dashboard is user friendly. If you can use Excel or QlikView, you can use CV Link Report Writer. It’s as simple as 1,2,3.

1. Define your parameters
For example: Evaluate the industry share of Class 7 Trucks produced in North America.
2. Narrow your search by region and application
North America and Class 7 Trucks.
3. Produce your report and evaluate your information
North America, Class 7 Trucks, OEMs, models, brands, engine specifications, and production numbers.
Class 7 Truck Production Trend — North America

This resource is used by leading…

  • Medium/Heavy vehicle and engine manufacturers
  • Parts suppliers and systems integrators
  • Industry associations
  • Government agencies and regulators
  • Financial analysts and more

CV Link™ Includes:

  • Class 4-8 medium and heavy trucks, bus and motor home chassis
  • Historical and forecast production volume data (annual and quarterly)
  • Vehicle model and engine installation detail
  • OEM production plant and vehicle platform profiles.
  • Exhaust emission data details

Additional Data Modules Include:

  • Lubricants (OEM recommended engine oils, sump capacity and drain intervals)
  • Cylinder block and head material
  • Customized client-defined modules
  • Batteries and electric system details
  • Turbochargers
  • Fuel injection group (FIE)
  • Transmission model detai

Forecast Coverage:

  • Market Data – Historical production volumes and a five-year forecast of future commercial vehicle production.
  • OEM Analysis – Extensive analysis on future OEM production, processes, strategies, alliances and product development.
  • Vehicle Platform Analysis – Short- and long-term vehicle platform analysis including future production and plant operation detail.
  • Economic Analysis – Comprehensive analysis on regional economic conditions that presents a macroeconomic perspective.

Database users can subscribe to an additional database module containing key engine information including engine installations and engine specifications.

CV Link™ is accessible through an Internet-based platform that allows subscribers to access, organize and download the latest market data anytime from anywhere in the world.

Optional Component Modules

There are additional component modules available for CV Link that add additional information for components. Here is a list of the currently available component fields. If you are interested in other components, let us know.


Regions/Segments: MHV United States and Canada
Available Fields:

Brake Type
(i.e. Air, Hydraulic, Air over Hydraulic)

Convenient Interface

PSR database products are easy to use. PowerLink™ 3.0 is the powerful password-protected subscriber interface with Power Systems Research database products. A key feature in PowerLink™ 3.0 is the Report Writer, a convenient and easy-to-use tool for producing the data reports you need in the format you want.

PowerLink™ 3.0 is accessible with all popular browsers such as Chrome, Foxfire, Safari, as well as on tablets and smart phones, giving you access to the data almost anywhere.

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