Global Marine Engine and Pleasure Craft Production Data

PSR’s analysis of the global Marine segment includes quarterly updates of our databases, which are distributed to our clients in the form of extensive Update Bulletins. In addition to database update details, these quarterly Bulletins include five-year forecasts by region and industry segment.

We have four proprietary databases that have been built and updated since 1976 and that contain information on marine equipment:

  • MarineLink™ tracks the production of pleasure boats and the manufacturers producing them. This comprehensive database contains annual boat volumes broken down by numerous engineering, performance and market parameters. MarineLink monitors the trends and developments in the boat builder industry, including model characteristics and detailed market analysis. Along with production volumes, this database also contains company and production profiles of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), OEM model descriptions and engine installation specifications.
  • EnginLink™, contains information on global engine production down to the engine model detail. It also contains five-year production forecasts by engine model.
  • OE Link™ contains information on global OEM production volume and forecast data, including model specifications.
  • PartsLink™ is a comprehensive resource providing in-service population data for engine-powered vehicles and equipment.

Information on marine engines is contained in both EnginLink™ and OE Link™ as well as in the MarineLink™ database. Basically, special purpose marine propulsion engines are listed in EnginLink™ and general purpose engines below 5,000 hp that can be adapted for marine use are listed in OE Link™.

You can find details on the way we treat these marine engines in the downloadable PDF titled, “Classifying Marine Engines”.

We divide marine equipment into two segments: Marine Auxiliary and Marine Propulsion. Here is more information on these two segments.

The applications we track in the Marine Auxiliary Segment are:

  • Marine generators
  • Thrusters

The applications we track in the Marine Propulsion Segment include:

  • Commercial vessel engines
  • Outboard engines
  • Pleasure craft engines

To see a complete list of the Marine Auxiliary applications and Marine Propulsion equipment we track see our Product Definitions Guide. Our Product Definitions Guide lists some 250 products in the 13 industry segments tracked by Power Systems Research.  

We track global applications in 13 industry segments, but we place special emphasis on five segments. They are Agriculture, Construction, Industrial, Commercial Vehicles (MHV and LCV) and Power Generation. The other segments we track are:

  • Lawn & Garden
  • Marine Auxiliary
  • Marine Propulsion
  • Minivans and SUVs
  • Passenger Cars
  • Railway
  • Recreational Products

Reducing risk and identifying growth opportunities in the global Marine Propulsion market requires accurate, timely information from reliable sources. PSR’s MarineLink™  and related databases are the product of a global network of experts who provide regular data forecasts for the Marine Propulsion industry.

Drive growth and reduce risk by discovering the trends that could disrupt the global marine segment in the coming months and years.


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