Tracking Key Global Powertrain Segments

Power Systems Research tracks global production of engines and engine-powered equipment, for IC, battery and hybrid powertrains. Our database detail, forecasting and special research projects–fine-tuned since 1976–lead the industry.

The Product Classification Guide is a complete listing of the products in 13 industry segments that are tracked by Power Systems Research. You can see photos of each product in this Product Definitions Guide.

We place major emphasis on the segments of Agricultural, Construction/Industrial, Commercial Vehicles (Light and Medium and Heavy), and Power Generation.

Here are the industry segments we track:


This is one of the segments to which we give major emphasis. The segment includes tractors, combines, harvesters and sprayers.

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This is another important segment for us. This diverse segment includes drill rigs, crawlers, excavators, graders, off-highway trucks and tractors, pavers, loaders and mining equipment.

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This segment features forklifts and includes a range of items from aerial lifts to gas compressors and welders.

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Lawn and Garden

Equipment ranges from residential items such as chainsaws and trimmers to commercial mowers and commercial turf equipment.

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Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles are separated into two segmants: Medium and Heavy Vehicles, largely trucks in Classes 4-8, and Light Commercial Vehicles such as pickups and light commercial vehicles. Look at the listing of MHVs here and the listing of LCVs here.

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Marine Equipment

Marine Equipment is comprised of 2 segments: Marine Auxiliary (generators and thrusters) and Marine Propulsion, which covers heavy duty ship engines to outboard engines.

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Passenger Cars, Minivans and SUVs

These 2 segments include Passenger Cars as well as Minivans and Sport Utility Vehicles.

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Power Generation

Information on gen-sets includes APUs and gen-sets for industrial, residential, RV and trailer-mounted applications.

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Locomotives and self-propelled railcars are covered in this segment

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Recreational Products

includes a variety of on-highway and off-road personal equipment: motorcycles, ATVs, Side-by-Side machines, snowmobiles and personal water crafts (PWCs). PSR

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