10 Reasons to Choose PSR

  1. EXPERIENCE. Power Systems Research has been successfully providing clients with tightly focused information, data and forecasts for the engine and engine-powered products industries since 1976.
  2. GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE. Power Systems Research has “feet on the street” around the world. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota (USA), we have employee-staffed offices in Detroit, Brussels, Beijing, Pune (India), and Sao Paulo, along with representatives in Tokyo, Moscow and the Middle East.
  3. REGIONAL INSIGHTS. With analysts in key regions around the globe, Power Systems Research can provide insights and forecasts that are tailored to your geographic focus.
  4. INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVE. Power Systems Research has extensive experience across all the engine and engine-powered vehicle/ equipment segments. Our analysts are recognized as leading global experts in Medium-Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Agricultural and Construction Equipment, and Power Generation. But it’s a collective, world-class knowledge across all the engine-related business segments that differentiates us from the others.
  5. FORECASTING POWER. Power Systems Research clients have access to five-year forecasts that are updated each calendar quarter to align with ever-changing business dynamics and evolving economic prospects. Forecast algorithms are tailored to individual industry segments in each geographic region to allow for variances from one to the next.
  6. PROPRIETARY RESEARCH. Power Systems Research has a multi-lingual, in-house research staff that works with our worldwide network of experienced interviewers and analysts to develop and execute B2B or B2C research studies focused on answering your questions.
  7. FLEXIBILITY. Power Systems Research offers an unparalleled range of industry production-forecast tools. EnginLink (engine production, forecast and model specification details), OE Link™ (OEM equipment production, forecast and engine installation details), CV Link (Commercial Vehicle OEM production, forecast and engine installation details), PartsLink (vehicle and equipment in-service population data with engine details) and MarineLink (boat-builder production, engine installation and forecast data). Each provides a unique view of the industry to suit a broad range of client requirements. You choose based on your needs.
  8. ON-LINE ACCESS. Cloud-based data and forecast tools are accessible to Power Systems Research clients 24/7. Need help? Experienced service representative are available to answer your questions or provide technical assistance when you need it.
  9. REGULAR REPORTS. Each quarter, Power Systems Research analysts provide clients with detailed Application Overview reports that provide a unique view of competing OEMs in specific segments and geographic regions, along with production volume and engine supplier details. Quarterly Update Bulletins also list changes in databases and provide analysis and five-year forecasts by region and industry segment.
  10. CLIENT LIST. The most successful companies in the global engine and engine-powered equipment industries – including their suppliers – rely on Power Systems Research data, analysis and forecasting to support their planning and decision-making processes, and have been doing so for decades.

BOTTOM LINE. There is no forecasting or research firm in the world that offers the combination of industry experience, depth of knowledge across a broad range of segments, focused global data, regional capabilities and high ROI that you will find at Power Systems Research.

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