Build Brand Awareness To Gain Greater Efficiencies and Effectiveness

Power Systems Research has a long history of market segmentation studies used by the world’s leading corporations.

We focus on the maintenance of several industry-leading targeted databases covering a vast range of global markets for power products. This dynamic data resource is a base reference for us to use in creating extensive market studies.

Brand Awareness

Power Systems Research works with leading companies in the industry to understand and define customer insights and to develop strategies that best match that brand’s benefits to each segment’s unique interests. We assist them in consistently positioning and reinforcing the brand’s overall image, so our customers gain greater efficiencies and effectiveness.

Suite of Services

Power System Research’s suite of proprietary information tools and extensive market research and database management expertise are essential resources for leading companies in the industry:

The Power Systems Research team has extensive industry experience and fundamental cost knowledge. We have completed cost comparisons for companies in the power products industry in these areas.

  • Cost Structure Analysis. Ranging from company productivity and comparisons with industry norms to sales and marketing costs and insights on future investments.
  • Financial Performance Review. A financial performance review can help you
    • Gain insights into survivability of industry players.
    • Increase confidence in your company’s business plans.
    • Plan market campaigns with increased intelligence about a rival’s ability to respond.
    • Integrate financial performance reviews into your competitor intelligence system to enhance effectiveness of strategic planning.
  • Acquisition Screening and Due Diligence. It takes extensive knowledge of key technical and regulatory issues to provide accurate, thorough acquisition due diligence support for the power products industry. Power Systems Research has a strong history of working on a range of such industry topics and projects.

In working with our clients, we determine if an acquisition is a sensible strategic move by helping them understand the level of risk associated with the purchase. We also evaluate the range of issues, including competitive forces, technological compatibility -and potential future-regulations and trends.

  • Competitive Pricing. Over more than 40 years of analysis Power Systems Research has developed a proven methodology that provides a clear picture of industry pricing. This is accomplished by using Industry knowledge and contacts to understand pricing and discount structures within the Industry. Specific surveys within the target sector obtain actual pricing levels, and comparison of multiple data points and sources ensure pricing points are representative.

Example: A Client required the competitive market price of selected off-highway transmissions to large original equipment manufacturers. We obtained between 5 and 10 independent prices for each transmission. These were normalized for differences in accessories and differences in channel through which the prices were obtained. The resultant normalized prices were averaged to produce a market price that a large volume original equipment manufacturer might expect to pay.

Market Studies

Since 1976, Power Systems Research has conducted more than 3,200 studies for the world’s leading corporations in the power products and drivetrain industry.

Here is a representative list of some of the market studies we have completed:

  • North American Alternative Fuel Outlook for Off-Highway Engines
  • Component Supplier Image Assessment
  • Transmission Cost Structure Analysis
  • Diesel Engine Control Technology Outlook
  • Market Overview: Compact Diesel Engines
  • Market Level Pricing: Compact Utility Engines
  • Small Diesel Market Outlook: Marine and Industrial Engines
  • Competitive Power Train Pricing
  • Market Overview: Market Potential for Diesel Engines in India
  • Evaluation of Competitive Reaction to Product Technology
  • Customer Satisfaction Portfolio: Industrial Diesel Engines
  • Emission Regulations Situation: Marine Diesel Engines
  • North American On-Highway Transmission Market Assessment
  • Cost Analysis: Compliance with Tier III Diesel Engine Exhaust Emissions
  • Analysis on Continuously Variable Transmissions for Off-Highway Applications

In-house Call Center

PSR holds a unique position within the engine-powered research space by operating its own in-house call center. The calling team has nearly 100 total years of experience in researching industry specific issues enabling it to quickly and efficiently complete projects for PSR clients.

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