Power Systems Research (PSR) estimates that there will be 856,905 Lawn & Garden Tractors produced in the U.S. during 2018.

The Garden Tractor is designed for cutting grass, snow removal and small property cultivation. Garden tractors are similar in size to lawn tractors but are more heavy duty. They can be mounted with a wider array of attachments than lawn tractors. The maximum power is about 23 hp. The distinction between a lawn tractor and a garden tractor is often hard to make. Generally, garden tractors are built more solidly, and have stronger frames, larger wheels and heavier transaxles. Garden tractors also can accommodate a wider range of front, belly and rear mounted attachments.

Husqvarna leads in production of Lawn & Garden Tractors in North America with 42% of total units produced.  In second position, with combined plant totals, is MTD with 29.5%.  Third, also with combined plant totals, is Deere & Co. with 23%.

From 2016-2017 production of Lawn & Garden Tractors in North America (US) decreased a nearly 6.5%.   Production is expected to gain almost 10% from 2017-2018.  The drop can be credited to unfavorable mowing conditions and the saturation of new products in the market.  The forecasted gain can be attributed to the demand for new fuel-efficient models in the market along with the demand for new equipment.  Production is expected increase up to 4% over the next 3-5 years due to the lifespan of this product line that has about a 10-year turnover.

This information comes from two proprietary databases maintained by Power Systems Research: EnginLink™ and OE Link™.  The Power Systems Research Product Definitions Guide describes each of the products contained in the PSR databases.

The leading Lawn & Garden equipment trade show is the International Lawn, Garden & Power Equipment Expo    http://gie-expo.com/gieexpo/   PSR