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If you’re looking for information on products and services related to global engine production, applications and forecasts, you can find it right here.

We’ve been collecting, analyzing and forecasting global production data of engines and related equipment since 1976.

For example, our OE Link™ database is the definitive source of global OEM production and forecast data. OE Link™ covers IC engine and alternative drive vehicles, as well as stationary and mobile equipment. Annual OEM volume data easily can be filtered to create custom reports that meet your exact needs.

We maintain a portfolio of the deepest and broadest data bases of engine production data and forecasts in the world.


Dennis HuibregtseDennis Huibregtse Whether you need an extensive annual subscription to one of our databases, or simply a focused extract, we can deliver it.

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We also produce syndicated surveys and proprietary, one-off surveys through our in-house Call Center. Learn more about the Call Center here.

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One more thing. You should know that we put special emphasis on tracking several important industrial segments. You can find more about that here.

Tracking Important Industry Segments

Power Systems Research has tracked global production of engines and engine-powered equipment in 13 major industry segments for more than 40 years. Our database detail, forecasting and special research projects lead the industry. We place major emphasis on the segments of Agricultural, Construction/Industrial, Commercial Vehicles (Light and Medium and Heavy), and Power Generation.

Here are the industry segments we follow. We place special emphasis on the first five in this list.

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Dennis Huibregtse
CEO, Power Systems Research