PartsLink™ tracks the in-service population for all engines and engine-powered products sold globally. 

PartsLink Engine market data includes annual population volumes for all compression and spark ignition engines, except aircraft. PartsLink OE market data includes annual population volumes for all engine- powered products.

PartsLink is an effective marketing and strategic planning tool used to:

  • Identify Aftermarket Size
  • Forecast Parts Demand
  • Determine Competitive Positioning
  • Verify Distribution Effectiveness
  • Evaluate Target Markets
  • Determine Market Shares

Subscribers to this database can customize their own research parameters and specifications and can also choose specialized database modules including:

Database Modules

FIE Module allows users to identify trends in Fuel Injection Equipment (FIE) population, analyze aftermarket opportunities for fuel injection systems and evaluate demand for replacement components.

Turbo Module - Allows users to identify trends for turbocharger installations for each engine model, including both diesel and spark ignition engines in various applications.

The PartsLink database is accessible via the Business Intelligence Dashboard, an Internet-based service that allows annual database subscribers to access, organize, manipulate, and download the latest engine-powered market data anytime from anywhere in the world.

During the standard 12-month license, PartsLink users also receive on-site training, reference manuals and complete support provided by the Power Systems Research worldwide team of professional analysts.