CV Link™ is an extensive database containing projected commercial vehicle production volumes and original equipment manufacturer (OEM), vehicle platform and regional economic analysis.

CV Link™ combines quantitative and qualitative analysis to produce a comprehensive forecast of the global commercial vehicle market. The quantitative method applies a complex forecast model to existing historical production data in order to produce a baseline forecast. Qualitative techniques are then incorporated into this forecast by Power Systems Research analysts to adjust for external forces and underlying assumptions in the market data.

Database users can subscribe to an additional database module containing key engine information including engine installations and engine specifications.


Bus Chassis
Motor Home Chassis
Trucks Class 3 and 4
Trucks Class 5
Trucks Class 6
Trucks Class 7
Trucks Class 8

Forecast Coverage:

  • Market Data - Historical production volumes and a five-year forecast of future commercial vehicle production.
  • OEM Analysis - Extensive analysis on future OEM production, processes, strategies, alliances and product development.
  • Vehicle Platform Analysis - Short- and long-term vehicle platform analysis including future production and plant operation detail.
  • Economic Analysis - Comprehensive analysis on regional economic conditions that presents a macroeconomic perspective.

CV Link™ is accessible through an Internet-based platform that allows subscribers to access, organize and download the latest market data anytime from anywhere in the world.