This article has been reprinted from the September issue of PowerTALK, the monthly report of news and analysis produced by Power Systems Research.

By Carol Turner, Senior Analyst, Global Operations 

This is the estimate, by Power Systems Research, of the number of Graders that will be produced in 2018 in the United States. A Grader is a piece of heavy equipment used to level or smooth roads or other like surfaces.

Sometimes, these machines are referred to as Road Graders or Motor Graders. Graders are used worldwide to build and maintain roads, highways, airports and other construction projects.

Deere leads in production of Graders in the United States (NA) with 56% of all units produced. In second position, with combined plant totals, is Caterpillar with 39%. Weiler (NorAm) is third with 3% of total units produced. From 2016-2017, production of Graders in the United States increased nearly 4%.

Production is expected to gain an additional 1.5% from 2017-2018. Prior year decline was attributed to Tier 4 pre-buying incentives and the lull for activities that utilize graders that are predominately road related. The gain can be credited to the overall increase in construction related activities focusing on aggregate activities.

Expect production to remain flat over the next 3-5 years with a slight gain of 5%. This information comes from two proprietary databases maintained by Power Systems Research: EnginLink™ and OE Link™. PSR