Custom Market Surveys Provide Clarity

Power Systems Research designs, administers and analyzes customized surveys to support proprietary market research studies.

We maintain a fully-staffed in-house call center to gather market intelligence for customized research studies including the MarketTracker™ survey series. The leverage gained in product planning, advertising and sales promotion through incisive survey research is tremendous. We can show you how a small portion of your sales promotion and marketing budget channeled to survey research can multiply the effectiveness of your business potential.

Survey participants include key decision-makers within the OEM community, including purchasing managers, engineering managers, vehicle brand management personnel and numerous influencers.

Our interviewers receive training in the latest interview techniques, and they are capable of handling extremely technical interview topics. In addition, Power Systems Research analysts carefully monitor survey samples to insure the collection of quality data from appropriate sources.

Contact us today to see how we can produce a custom survey to meet your needs. or +1 651.905.8400