Global Applications and Products in the Power Generation Segment

We follow the global Power Generation segment by region. We track global applications in 13 industry segments, but Power Generation is one of five on which we place major emphasis. The other four are Agriculture, Construction, Industrial, and Commercial Vehicles.

Our analysis of the global Power Generation segment includes quarterly updates of our databases, which are distributed to our clients in the form of extensive Update Bulletins. In addition to database update details, these quarterly Bulletins include five-year forecasts by region and industry segment.

Syndicated Surveys

We also produce two quarterly syndicated surveys: PowerTracker International and PowerTracker North America. Each quarter, 1400 interviews are conducted among gen-set dealers, distributors, business consumers and household consumers.

The resulting responses provide the necessary input to project short-term expectations, product technology developments and competitive comparison for the market. The survey responses provide insight into market activity and industry developments for various gen set applications, brands and customer groups.

Regular consultation with survey sponsors shapes the topical issues explored in this market segment.

Subscribers to PowerTracker™ can access survey results, analysis and unfiltered commentary made by survey respondents through a secure web interface. Subscribers also can receive customized reports and forecasts for all categories upon request.

Proprietary Databases

We have three proprietary databases that have been built and updated over the last 41 years and that contain information on Lawn & Garden equipment:

  • EnginLink™, contains information on global engine production down to the engine model detail. It also contains five-year production forecasts by engine model.
  • OE Link™ contains information on global OEM production volume and forecast data, including model specifications.
  • PartsLink™ is a comprehensive resource providing in-service population data for engine-powered vehicles and equipment.

The gen-set applications we track include:

  • APUs
  • Industrial generator sets
  • Portable generator sets
  • Residential generator sets
  • RV generator sets
  • Trailer mounted generator sets

To see a complete list of the generator set applications we track click here for the Application DirectoryPSR