Know Thy Customer.

It's easy to say, but not so easy to do.

That's where we come in. We can create and implement a proprietary market survey for you, using professionals in our in-house calling center, or we can survey a target audience using the latest email tactics and tools.

Or, if you wish, we can include you in one of our syndicated surveys produced in conjunction with several organizations, which share the cost for the survey. This approach is economical and effective, and its one we've been using successfully for more than 40 years.

So, there are several ways that we can help you get the information you need. We can

• Help you determine if your brand is positioned properly

• Help you identify the best prospects for your products or services

• Help you better understand your relationships with your customers.

Power Systems Research (PSR) has been tracking global engine and transmission production and their use for more than 40 years. At the same time, we've worked with leading companies in the industry to understand and define customer insights and to develop strategies that best present that brand's benefits to each segments' unique interests.

We assist them in consistently positioning and reinforcing their brand's overall image. Our customers gain greater efficiencies and effectiveness by:

• Focusing on smaller and more profitable segments

• Carefully balancing acquisition and retention

• Determining which customer groups are profitable and which are not

• Narrowing the audience to customers that are most likely to buy a brand

Understanding a market segment requires a detailed knowledge of the size, dynamics and latest trends of that marketplace.

A History of Success

Power Systems Research has a long history of market segmentation studies used by the world's leading corporations in the power products industry. Power Systems Research maintains numerous databases on a vast range of global markets for power products. This dynamic data source is a base reference for us to use in creating extensive market studies.

A deep and broad understanding of the industry is crucial to building market strategies and developing a competitive position. With our in-depth knowledge of these markets, we are uniquely positioned to produce an independent picture of the industry.

Since 1976, Power Systems Research has conducted more than 2,600 studies for the world's leading corporations in the power products and drivetrain industry. Here is a short list of topics from some of the market studies we have completed over the years:

• North American Alternative Fuel Outlook for Off-Highway Engines

• Component Supplier Image Assessment

• Transmission Cost Structure Analysis

• Diesel Engine Control Technology Outlook

• Market Overview: Compact Diesel Engines

• Market Level Pricing: Compact Utility Engines

• Small Diesel Market Outlook: Marine and Industrial Engines

• Competitive Power Train Pricing

• Market Overview: Market Potential for Diesel Engines in India

• Evaluation of Competitive Reaction to Product Technology

• Customer Satisfaction Portfolio: Industrial Diesel Engines

• Emission Regulations Situation: Marine Diesel Engines

• North American On-Highway Transmission Market Assessment

• Cost Analysis: Compliance with Tier III Diesel Engine Exhaust Emissions

• Analysis on Continuously Variable Transmissions for Off-Highway Applications

Cost Structure Evaluation

An important element of business intelligence is an understanding of your competitor's ability to compete in the marketplace. Knowledge of their basic cost structure gives your company a real sustainable advantage in the formulation of pricing strategies. The Power Systems Research team has extensive industry experience and fundamental cost knowledge. We have completed a wide range of cost comparisons for the power products industry.

There are numerous sustainable benefits from employing a cost structure analysis. Cost base evaluations establish fundamental competitiveness of the opposition, which enables intelligent market pricing strategies. Also, knowledge of competitors' key cost elements provides a useful indication of your own company strengths and weaknesses.

• Cost Structure Information

• Company Productivity

• Output Relative to Labor Cost, Assets

• Comparisons with Industry Norms

• Structure of Company Cost

• Labor Cost Direct/Indirect − Industry Comparisons

• Overhead Cost Analysis

• Sales and Marketing Costs

• Study of Cost basis of Competing Companies

• Research and Development

• Investment History and Strategy

• Insights on Future Investments

Financial Performance Review

As part of Business Intelligence, financial performance reviews give your company essential information relating to your industry or competitors. Such a review normally covers aspects of performance that require investigations beyond normal financial reporting. Financial reviews can be packaged in a form that can be integrated into your normal market intelligence system.

• Measure the Financial Strength of Industry Rivals

• A financial performance review will give you an extra weapon in your intelligence armory.

• Gain insights into survivability of industry players.

• Give confidence to your company's business plans.

• Plan market campaigns with increased intelligence of rival's ability to respond.

• Integrate financial performance reviews into your competitor intelligence system to enhance effectiveness of strategic planning.

• Financial Analysis Information

• Historical sales revenue and profitability data

• Comparisons of business ratio's in context of other competitor/players

• In-depth analysis of sub business units, usually with some survey investigation

• Research and development investment history and probable outlook

• Portfolio/product financial performance analysis to suit individual client needs

• Financial performance rankings of competing company's / industries

Acquisition Screening & Due Diligence (Do we really provide this service?)

Buying or selling a company? It takes extensive knowledge of key technical and regulatory issues to provide accurate, thorough M&A due diligence support for the power products industry.

Power Systems Research has a strong history of working on a range of industry topics and projects. In working with our clients, we identify the potential parameters and determine if an acquisition is a sensible strategic move, helping them understand the level of risk associated with any purchase.

We have developed and applied many types of risk profiling techniques to assess potential acquisitions. We evaluate the gamut of issues, including competitive forces and technological compatibility, as well as reviewing current and potential regulations and trends.

Competitive Pricing

It is very difficult to be sure that any pricing information that you get is correct. There are various levels - retail, dealer net, OEM etc.- which vary widely. In addition, the level of finish- particularly on assemblies like engines and transmissions- can have a significant impact on pricing.

Market pricing information is important. It enables a producer to judge the level of profitability on a new product before committing to production while a consumer can understand his competitors input costs and therefore margin.

Through the years, Power Systems Research has developed and proven a methodology that allows us to produce data that presents a picture of the industry pricing. This is accomplished by using:

  • Industry knowledge and contacts
  • Understanding of the pricing and discount structures within the Industry
  • Specific surveys within the target sector to obtain actual pricing levels
  • Comparison of multiple data points and sources to ensure pricing is representative