• Sep 18, 2015

    Power Systems Research
    Staff Report

    ST. PAUL, Minn., (Aug. 14, 2015)—As we look at calendar year 2016 for the United States, we see a parade of question marks, any one of which can upset the tidy forecast we’re trying to assemble.

    Overall, we see modest growth across the economy—about 3%--but we’re wondering about the U.S. elections, the uncertainty of actions by the Federal Reserve Bank, continued problems in the Agricultural sector, dropping gasoline prices, foreign financial difficulties, >Read more

  • Jun 12, 2015

    SUMMARY: Although some local OEMs have sustainee losses, there is no critical drop in construction demand within Russia. Moreover, some OEMs have even improved their financial condition. Tractor Plant concern (Chetra brand) is considering redeeming its shares from State banks. So, at Maxim SakovMaxim Sakov the end >Read more


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