In-house Call Center Strengthens Our Survey Capability

Custom research services always have been offered by Power Systems Research (PSR), and company founder George Zirnhelt, himself, completed more than 1,000 project management assignments for the company.

Realizing that personal telephone interviews could be more effective than direct mail surveys, PSR acquired a call center operation in 1992, adding an important in-house calling capability to the PSR list of services.

PSR holds a unique position within the engine-powered research space by operating its own in-house call center. The calling team has nearly 100 total years of experience in researching industry specific issues enabling it to quickly and efficiently complete projects for PSR clients..

"Having these skilled researchers in the same office is a tremendous advantage,” says Michael Aistrup, PSR senior analyst, who develops and manages many of the company’s survey-based projects.

"Their skill and experience speed up survey turnaround and they develop more complete responses than we would get if we used outside callers, who are not familiar with the people and issues and terminology with which we are dealing."  PSR