Gen-Sets Tracked in 12 Markets

PowerTracker™ International is a biannual report produced by Power Systems Research that monitors the market developments and demand for all engine-powered generator sets across 12 major markets, including the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Ukraine, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and Russia.

Generator set dealers and distributors are interviewed twice each year to determine their short term expectations on the market. PowerTracker™ International analyses market activity and industry developments for popular gen set applications, brands, and customer groups.

A complete analysis is provided as part of the ongoing evaluation of market, competitive and product technology developments. Regular consultation with survey sponsors shapes the topical issues explored across all market segments.

The core data for this gen set study is drawn from more than 200 interviews conducted every six months with key dealership and distributor management located in major European, Middle East and CIS markets.

Market developments in PowerTracker™ International range from a  variety of topical issues including:

  • Trends and attitudes
  • Brand activity
  • Product awareness and knowledge
  • Economic influences
  • Purchasing patterns
  • Sales volume changes and expectations
  • Inventory changes and expectations
  • Demand and supply activity

Subscribers can access PowerTracker™International results as a customized report or through a secure web interface.

For more information on PowerTracker™International, contact us at or call us at +32 2 643 2828.