Competitors in the powertrain and engine-driven vehicle/equipment industries today face unprecidented challenges. Changing technical and regulatory requirements, growing competition, and the pressure to maintain margins are ever present.

Decisions must be made quickly, and there is little room for error.  With such high stakes, a data-driven management process is not a luxury — it is essential.

Power Systems Research actively monitors activities across the powertrain and engine-driven products industry, and has been evaluating and forecasting industry performance for nearly 40 years. Our team of professional analysts works with OEMs, engine and component manufacturers, dealers, fleets and industry experts on a daily basis, compiling detailed and focused data that has become an industry standard.

The resulting suite of proprietary databases tabulate manufacturer and product specifications, historical and forecast production volume, and in-service populations. These include:

  • EnginLink™ – Engine Production-Forecast Data
  • OE Link™ – Original Equipment Production-Forecast Data
  • CV Link™ – Commercial Vehicle Production-Forecast Data
  • PartsLink™ – Engine and Original Equipment Population Data
  • MarineLink™ – Boat Production and Engine Installation Data

Several component data modules are available with these databases, which can be customized to match your business model and information needs.