MarketTracker™ is a series of syndicated surveys developed by Power Systems Research to track market changes for specific applications and products in the power products and drivetrain industry. The MarketTracker™ surveys are based on actual, real-time feedback given by survey sponsors to help explore market and industry developments.

The following MarketTracker™ series are available:

PowerTracker™ North America: Generator Set Survey
PowerTracker International: Generator Set Survey for Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and the Middle East

For each survey, a quarterly analysis (biannual for PowerTracker™ International) is provided as part of the on-going evaluation of market, competitive and product technology developments. Regular consultation with survey sponsors shapes the topical issues explored in each segment group, covering engine-powered applications and products.

The core data for each MarketTracker™ study originates from a series of interviews conducted on a quarterly basis with potential and actual users as well as key dealership and ownership personnel. Market developments in each survey range from a variety of topical issues including:

  • Consumer or Dealer Trends and Attitudes
  • Consumer Product Awareness and Knowledge
  • Economic Influences
  • Purchasing Patterns
  • Sales Volume Changes and Expectancies
  • Inventory Changes and Expectancies
  • Demand and Supply Activity
  • Brand Activity

As is the case with all MarketTracker™ studies, access to survey information can be available as an annual license or a one-off report. Information can be customized to your request by region, power range or user type. Annual subscribers receive access to survey results, analysis and unfiltered commentary made by survey sponsors through a secure web interface.

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