This article initially appeared in the June 2019 issue of PowerTALK

Power Systems Research(PSR) estimates the number of Terminal Tractors that will be produced in the United States during 2019 is 6,900 units.  Estimated 2019 production will be up nearly 2% from 2018.

In 2018, production was 6,750 units, up 976 units or 17% from 2017.

This information comes from two proprietary databases maintained by Power Systems Research: EnginLink™ , which provides information on engines, and OE Link™, a database of equipment manufacturers.

Market Share: With 42% of the total units produced, Kalmar-Ottawa (formerly Cargotec-Kalmar) leads in North American production of Terminal Tractors. In second position is Tug Technologies, with 17%; third is Tico Manufacturing with 12.5%.

Exports: Collectively up to 40% worldwide

Trends: From 2017-2018 production of Terminal Tractors in North America increased 17%. Production is expected to gain nearly 2% from 2018-2019. The reduction in annual production is attributed to remanufacturing/refurbishing of existing units currently in operation.  Over the past few years, airlines have tightened expenditures, due to reduced operating budgets.

The slight increase this year comes from the demand for new products that will improve operating efficiency and reduce environmental impact. 2018 was an exceptional year in the North American terminal tractor industry. Concerns over price increases from additional tariffs and trade wars made several customers bring forward orders, resulting in significant growth in sales for most manufacturers.
Overall, 2018 was a milestone year for most North American terminal tractor manufacturers. Production is expected to remain steady with an increase of 10% over the next five years.  PSR