Power Systems Research continues to gain credibility as an important source of reliable information on power equipment in the China market.

Recently, a leading executive of the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association (CICEIA) quoted PSR in an article about the future of engines.

Power Systems Research is a global consulting company providing production data and forecasts to the powertrain and components industries.


Qin FenQin Fen

In the article, CICEIA Deputy Secretary-General Wei Anli discussed the relative development of IC engines vs. electric vehicles and used information from PSR as part of his analysis.

The article included comments from Qin Fen, business development manager of Power Systems Research. 

“Battery-powered equipment is gaining ground in lots of applications markets, but there is not going to be an 180 degree shift where we are going to abandon ICEs completely.  There are still serious problems for battery-powered equipment to tackle with, range anxiety to name just one.  Engine with hybrid is also an way out in many application markets."

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