SUMMARY: The expectations for 2015 remain positive at a global level, although sales will vary across different regions. North America, South America and Asia Pacific forecast a slow pace of growth. Europe will still 


Emiliano Marzoli


D. Marwan have some difficulties, Influenced by the instability in the neighbouring areas, such as Russia and the Middle East. On the Other side, Africa and the Gulf countries should have a steady growth between 5 to 10%.

DUBAI--And it is another record session for the Middle East Electricity Show 2015 (MEE). The MEE saw exhibitors and visitors increasing to the highest participation ever in the event's history. There were more than 1,250 exhibitors present with a 15% increase in exhibition space.  Almost 50,000 visitors made this event one of the largest in Power Generation globally.The gen-sets market is expected to grow steadily in the future years. Energy demand is growing globally, and many of the emerging countries were not able to create a satisfying power supply for their internal demand. Many companies are therefore buying gen sets in order to avoid any disruptions in their operation. Despite that, Gen Set sales will have a slow growth in 2015.  Different Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and components suppliers reported to Power Systems Research (PSR) that there are different issues slowing down the potential of the industry.

In Europe, the economy is still very slow. While Spain and the UK offers good prospects, Italy and France are still facing a poor economy. As outlined in th recent Power Systems Research (PSR) PowerTracker International report, forecast for the gen-set market in Europe forecasts a timid increased in 2015. The Ukrainian conflict and the sanctions to Russia are also a great concern for the industry. At the same time, the terrible situations in Syria and Libya are slowing down business in North Africa and in Middle East, excluding the Gulf countries.

On the other side, with the Iraqi governmental forces pushing back Isis and slowly gaining back some cities, there are new projects starting in the country. The oil price reduction also has postponed some exploration projects in the Middle East and in North America. In any case, most of the manufacturers are expecting oil prices to raise to $70-$80 a barrel after the second half of 2015. This is expected to result in more oil and gas projects in 2016, where, generally speaking, the gen-set industry should have a better global performance, compared to 2015.

Despite the outlook for 2015 being not as positive as hoped, the MEE was rich in new products launched. After a very positive 2014 in the Telecommunication business, many OEMs introduced their new hybrid gen-sets for communication towers.

Pramac, the largest producer of gen-sets in Italy, showcased a prototype of a containerised hybrid gen-set. The machine is fitted with a Yanmar diesel engine capable of 9 kVA. Serial production is expected to start in 2015.

Himoinsa also had a hybrid solution on their stand. The gen-set is equipped with a variable speed diesel engine from Yanmar. The Yanmar engine has been redesigned to operate in a wide speed range of 1200 to 3000 rpm. The Spanish manufacturer claims that its hybrid gen-set offer fuel savings of around 40% and extend maintenance periods by up to 1,000 hours, compared to conventional units.



Himoinsa Hybrid HPS 1500 DCV Gen SetHimoinsa Hybrid HPS 1500 DCV Gen Set

 Teksan Jeneratör exhibited its new TJ9PE-Hybrid model for the first time. The hybrid power system consists of a diesel generator set powered by a variable speed Perkins 403D-07 engine, PV panels, wind turbine and battery bank, with the power electronic devices specifically designed for telecom towers.



Teksan Jenerator HybridTeksan Jenerator Hybrid module with combined diesel engine, battery pack and solar panels

 Teksan Jenerator Hybrid module with combined diesel engine, battery pack and solar panels

 Also Ghaddar used the MEE 2015 to present their new hybrid system. The product is a variable speed DC generator set powered by a Perkins variable speed diesel engine, with Leroy Somer DC alternator’s latest technology.  Ghaddar Machinery Co’s newly launched variable speed DC generator set is a result of two years of research and development with Perkins, Leroy Somer, and other suppliers in the fields of deep cycle batteries, speed governors, rectifiers, charging modules and control modules; throughout which it has proved to be a perfect solution for telecom companies.

 Regarding conventional gen sets, Cummins stole the scene on the first day of the show with the presentation of their new QSK95 engine. This massive gen set is capable of up to 3.75 MVA. The heart of the gen-set is the Cummins 16 Cylinders diesel engine QSK95. The engine is equipped with 4 turbo, and high pressure fuel system injection and a two stage after-cooling. Cummins Power Generation claims a 20% improvement in power density and reducing its installation footprint.



Cummsins QSK95 with cover before launchThe new Cummins Power Generation QSK95 ready to be unveiled.

 Caterpillar, in collaboration with its Gulf distributor Al-Bahar, also introduced several new products at MEE. The show was the venue to introduce its largest range of electric power products ever, the brand new Compact series of gen-sets from 6.8 to 220 kVA. Available in 32 model configurations in single-phase and three-phase, these generators sets will be sold in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, South America, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)



Caterpillar Compact Generator LineCaterpillar new Compact Line

 Perkins and FG Wilson, both subsidiaries of the Caterpillar group, also introduced new products.

Perkins showed the new 1500 series. The new series is based on a CAT 8.8 litre diesel engine. It will replace the 1300 and 1600 series that were based on Navistar engines. The 6 cylinder air-to-air turbocharged diesel engine, meets the key power nodes from 200 kVA to 330 kVA in prime and standby ratings, and is switchable from 50 Hz to 60 Hz. The 1500 Series ElectropaK is already available to order and will go into production in Seguin, USA, in March 2015.

FG Wilson introduced the new F range. Covering the 32-125 kVA range, this new series which is designed to be price competitive. An exclusive feature of the new range is the introduction of the FG Wilson engines to the generator set core design. The gen set are built in FG Wilson’s Asia Power Systems (APS) facility in Tianjin, China.

 Regarding the new FG Wilson Engines, the information disclosed was very limited. There are 4 models, from 3.9 to 6.5 litres. 4 and 6 cylinders. The engines are manufactured in China, not in a Caterpillar owned facility. Although FG Wilson did not confirm it, PSR believes YTO is supplying these engines.



FG Wilson F SeriesThe new FG Wilson F72-1  



More new products were shown by FPT Industrial. The Italian manufacturer showed the new 500 kVA Cursor 13 diesel engine for power generation. They are also introducing a new NEF 67 with mechanical controller for non-emissions compliance applications. The new N67 is capable of 200 kVA in prime power @ 1500 rpms.



FPT Industrial StandFPT Industrial stand with the new 13 and 6.7 Litres engines for gen sets

 Weichai held a ceremony to unveil the new Moteurs Baudouin M26 and M33 diesel engines for power generation. Both series are available in 6 and 12 cylinders version ranging from 15.9 to 39.2 litres. The engines are fitted with a Bosch mechanical pump for the fuel injection and G.E. Power turbo. On the stand Weichai showed the largest model in the range, the 12M33. The engine was designed for a 400 hours operation before maintenance, an impressive interval for the industry.

At the presentation, Weichai reported 22 B$ revenues in 2014, with a 38% growth compared to 2013. 410 thousands engines were manufactured during last year and 200 M$ were put in research and development for new products.



Weichai Moteurs  BaudouinWeichai new 12M33 Diesel engine   


Moteur Baudouin Specs

 For the first time, MTU Onsite Energy and Bergen Engines products were showcased together at the Middle East Electricity exhibition in Dubai. The MTU Onsite Energy brand and Bergen Engines AS are part of Rolls-Royce Power Systems within the Land & Sea division of Rolls-Royce.

MTU Onsite Energy will presented its portfolio of diesel gen-sets with power outputs up to 3,400 kVA and gas engine systems to 2,500 kW. There was also an MTU Onsite Energy genset on display based on a new generation MTU Series 2000 engine equipped with common rail technology and delivering a maximum output of 1,400 kVA. Exhibits on the stand included a model of a containerised power module equipped with a 16V-4000 diesel genset and a model of a gas system based on the MTU Series 4000 engine.  MTU Onsite Energy also had a new 20' container gen-set based on the new generation of Series 2000 engines on display on its outdoor stand. It is to be included in the company’s standard product range as of March 2015.

 Bergen Engines showcased a model of the generator set with a 20-cylinder B35:40 engine. With a power output of 9,400 kW these gas engines are used in many different power generation projects worldwide. 



MTU outdoors at Middle East Electriicity

 Zyraxes, a Romanian OEM of customised gen-sets, took to the show a prototype of a gen-set powered by natural gas. The engine used is based on a Perkins diesel engine and converted to natural gas by Kemper en Van Twist Diesel B.V (KVT Gas). KVT is Perkins historical partner for diesel to gas engines conversion. The new Zyraxes range goes from 10 to 72 kW, including 3, 4 and 6 cylinders engines. The new range is ready for orders and will be available during the year.



Zyraxes Gen Set - Diesel converted to gasThe New Zyraxes gas gen set

 The Polish OEM Fogo, participated for the first time at the MEE. Sales director Mr Piotrowski told the PSR team that they were very satisfied regarding the outcome of the show and that they were ready to invest more in 2016.  Fogo presented at the show their range of gen sets from 2 to 1423 kVA. According to Mr Piotrowski the “Twin” series has been very well accepted by the market. This product range is made of gen-sets with twin engines configurations, powered by Volvo Penta 16 litres engines. This allows Fogo to offer a product that can adapt to different loads and shut down one of the engines based on demand and running hours.



Fogo FV1000 Twin Gen Set 1000 kVA

The Middle East Electricity show is year after year the most important show for the power generation industry. The majority of the engine suppliers were present, even if not introducing new engines. Bergen, Caterpillar, Cummins, Deutz, FPT Industrial, Kohler, Weichai (Moteurs Baudouin), MTU, Perkins, Volvo Penta, Yanmar and many other manufacturers were at the show. There were more than 30 manufacturers present. And the major generator (alternator) suppliers were presenting their range at the show included Cummins Generator Technologies, Mecc Alte, Marelli Motori, Linz, WEG, Sincro and Leroy Somer had stands on the fair ground.  PSR